What We Do

Flunk Cancer provides educational and financial support to teachers, their families and their classrooms. Educational support includes short seminars that overview the cancer process and includes explaining to students why things like washing their hands is so important while their teacher is on chemotherapy or other treatments. The main purpose of these seminars is to try and demystify cancer in the eyes of the students so that the affected teacher can continue working with their students as long as possible.

For the teacher, we provide them with support as they evaluate available treatment options including available clinical trials. This may also include the use of various social media outlets such as discussion forums, blogs and social networking sites.

By offering educational events as well as our publications and website, Flunk Cancer is educating the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to the community.

The funds received through the entirety of the corporation’s activities will be used exclusively for the charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and will not be used for personal gains of any sort.